V052: The Journey to Schönberg

Non-commercial, VHS (NTSC), in Dutch with English subtitles (1990), 1:53:15.
Gift of Riek ter Haar

Directed by Hans Hulscher
Produced by Riek ter Haar
A production of the Nederlandse Omroepprogramma Stichting (NOS)/ RM Arts

Time Description
0:00 Henk Guittart shows Elmer Schönberger his home movies of the Schönberg Quartet studying with Eugene Lehner at Tanglewood
1:40 Titles: "The Journey to Schönberg I.: The Schönberg Quartet in Los Angeles. A film by Hans Hulscher." Quartet rehearses. Guittart reads a letter from Lehner in which he agrees to come to LA to see and rehearse with the Schönberg Quartet. Quartet gives interviews from the airplane; they describe their personal and working relationships.
6:35 Barbara and Anne Schoenberg meet the Quartet at LAX. Footage from dinner at Larry and Anne Schoenberg's home, also attended by Ron and Nuria Schoenberg, Arleen Auger, and others.
8:20 Footage from the Arnold Schoenberg Institute on the campus of University of Southern California where they met Eugene Lehner. Quartet rehearses Schoenberg's op. 10 with Arleen Auger.
14:05 Footage from performance of the op. 10 (iii. Litanei)
14:45 Party at Schoenberg's Rockingham home
16:50 Quartet rehearses Schoenberg's op. 7 with Lehner at the ASI
22:25 Footage of urban LA
23:10 Henk Guittart gives radio interview regarding Schoenberg's string quartets
25:45 Footage returns to performance of op. 10 (iv. Entrückung)
26:25 Interview continues
28:25 Quartet performs op. 7 for an intimate gathering at the Rockingham home
33:10 Interview with Nuria, Lawrence, and Ron Schoenberg
35:40 Footage of Henk Guittart speaking in 1981
37:30 Footage of Leonard Stein giving a lecture on op. 7
39:25 Schönberg Quartet performs Schoenberg's op. 7 in USC's Hancock auditorium.
41:50 Quartet members rehearse alone in their hotel rooms; interviews with members individually.
46:00 Performance of Verklärte Nacht
46:50 Footage from a party at the home of Ron and Judith Rosen
48:15 Performance of Schoenberg's Quartet in D major (1897)
49:40 Performance of the String Trio, op. 45
51:15 Schoenberg family presents Honorary Life Memberships to Eugene Lehner and the Schönberg Quartet
52:35 Lehner discusses Schoenberg's music with the Quartet
54:00 Quartet and Lehner return to LAX (op. 37 plays in background)
55:20 Quartet performs op. 37 in USC's Hancock Auditorium
56:40 Credits
57:30 Henk Guittart makes closing comments
58:00 End
58:45 More footage of Lehner rehearsing with the Schönberg Quartet at the ASI; interviews with Guittart, Elmer Schönberger, Janneke van der Meer
1:02:00 Titles: "Journey to Schönberg 2.: Eugene Lehner and Arnold Schönberg"
1:02:10 Performance of Schönberg's Quartet in D major; Lehner and his wife arrive at Schoenberg's Rockingham home; Ron Schoenberg shows them around the house
1:04:30 Nuria and Larry Schoenberg greet the Lehners
1:05:30 Conversation between Lehner and Nuria Schoenberg; he describes rehearsing Schoenberg's op. 30
1:07:10 Schönberg Quartet rehearses op. 30 with Lehner at the ASI
1:08:50 Quartet performs op. 30 in USC's Hancock Auditorium
1:10:35 Conversation between Lehner and Nuria Schoenberg: the importance of "clarity" for Schoenberg
1:13:30 Lehner rehearses op. 7 with Schönberg Quartet at ASI
1:15:05 Lehner and Nuria recall Schoenberg's anger when theorists pointed out "mistakes" in his use of 12-tone techniques
1:17:40 Schönberg Quartet performs op. 7
1:19:20 Gathering at Schoenberg's Rockingham home; Lehner discusses the early recordings of the string quartets
1:24:15 Performance of op. 38 in USC's Hancock Auditorium
1:26:20 Schönberg Quartet arrives at Rockingham for an informal concert. They perform op. 7.
1:28:15 Lehner tours the ASI archive with archivist R. Wayne Shoaf; they examine sketches for op. 7
1:33:10 Quartet continues performance of op. 38; Shoaf continues tour of the archive
1:35:25 Shoaf and Lehner examine photos in the ASI reading room; Lehner listens to voice recordings of Kolisch Quartet members and an early recording of op. 7
1:41:15 Guittart and Lehner discuss the early recording. Sextet rehearses Verklärte Nacht.
Lehner recalls performing Verklärte Nacht.
1:46:30 Performance of Verklärte Nacht in USC's Hancock Auditorium
1:49:50 Schoenberg children and Friends of the ASI present Honorary Life Memberships to Eugene Lehner and to the Schönberg Quartet
1:52:20 Credits
1:53:15 End

Schönberg Quartet
Janneke van der Meer, violin
Wim de Jong, violin
Henk Guittart, viola
Hans Woudenberg, cello