V042: Kammersymphonie, op. 9; multi-media exhibit
Non-commercial, VHS (PAL), color (1997), 42:45.

Performance took place in Mantua, Italy (13 April 1997).

Time Description
0:00 Performers take the stage (in exhibition space) and begin performing Schoenberg's Kammersymphonie, op. 9, arranged for quintet (clarinet, flute, piano, cello, and violin)
22:25 End of performance, applause, bows
Performers return to stage for another 20th-century work (clarinet, oboe, violin, marimba, flute)
32:45 Performance concludes, applause, bows
34:00 Audience leaves
34:20 Footage of Arnold Schoenberg multi-media exhibit (designed and produced by Nuria Nono Schoenberg and Lawrence Schoenberg)
42:45 End of tape